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Kindergarten Handbook


Any child in the Scottsboro city School District is eligible for kindergarten if s/he will be five years old on or before September 1 of that school year. It is important that all registration forms, birth certificates, social security numbers and blue slips be filed in the school office. Hospital certificates of birth are not acceptable. Certified birth certificates of Alabama born children may be obtained at the Jackson County Health Department.


The primary objective of kindergarten is the development of the total child; that includes mental, emotional, social, and physical growth. This objective is attained by using activities geared to the individual needs of the kindergarten age child.


School opens at 7:30 a.m. Students are tardy at 7:45 a.m. School dismisses at 2:30 p.m. Children will leave school in the same manner in which they came unless the teacher is notified in writing or through a telephone call to the office. The teacher will not release your child to anyone whose name does not appear on the filed registration form in the office without written notification. Those riding the school bus will ride on their assigned bus unless the teacher has written notification that they need to ride another bus. These notes will be approved by Mr. Holt in the office.


Childhood diseases are very communicable. When a child shows an indication of being ill, please do not send the child to school. If a child is too ill to go outside when properly dressed for the weather, please keep the child at home.

If your child becomes ill at school, you will be notified to come and take your child home immediately.

No medications will be administered without written authorization from the parents, and the appropriate forms are filed in the office.

A child may return to school when he/she has been fever free (without Tylenol or other meds for fever) for 24 hours prior to the return from school.

On returning to the classroom after any illness (or any absence), the child is required to present a written excuse from the parent or doctor.


Parents are welcome in our classroom. Visitors must check in through the school office before visiting any classroom. (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Younger children (brothers, sisters, out-of-town cousins and friends, etc.) are not permitted to stay in the classroom.


Your child should wear comfortable clothing suitable for active play without fear of soiling or damaging. Please have children wear tennis shoes.

Aprons and smocks will be provided for painting and other "messy" activities. Remember, accidents do happen!

Please mark all coats, raincoats, hats, etc. with your child's name.

A complete change of clothing is required in case of an accident. Please place clothing in a labeled ziplock bag and leave in your child's backpack. Check these clothes periodically as the weather changes and as your child grows.


Do not let your child bring toys or other non-essential items from home. Later in the year, we will begin having sharing time. Please guide your child into bringing those things that will be worthwhile to the group and only on their assigned day.


All Children in the Scottsboro City School System are assigned a number to be used in the cafeteria. Please help your child learn this number as soon as possible. They will be entering this number onto a computerized number pad each day when buying breakfast, lunch, juice, or extra milk.

It is best to purchase lunches by the month or week. This is done on Monday morning in the cafeteria. If your child brings a lunch from home, please label lunch box or bag. DO NOT put carbonated drinks, (coke, sprite, ect.) in thermos. NO CANNED CARBONATED DRINKS will be allowed in the cafeteria. Also, NO LUNCHES FROM FAST FOOD STORES may be brought to school.


When sending money to school, please put it in a sealed envelope with your child's name, teacher's name, the amount enclosed and what it is for. Please do not allow your child to bring extra money to school that is not needed.


If you have a message for the teacher, please see the teacher in person, write a note, call the teacher at home, or leave a message in the office and s/he will return your call as soon as possible. Do not depend on your child to transmit messages. Likewise, the teacher will notify you in one of the same ways of any significant happenings at school.


On your child's birthday, you may provide a simple refreshment if you choose to do so. If you plan to celebrate a birthday at school, please make arrangements with the teacher beforehand.

Several parties will be held throughout the year on special occasions and holidays. If you would like to help with any of these activities, please indicate what you would like to do on the volunteer sheet. We realize that many of you work and will have difficulty coming to school during the day. Perhaps you can help by sending refreshments, paper products or favors. We would like to encourage each of you to be involved in your child's school activities this year.

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